My name is Frode Hus, an odd Norwegian trying to survive in this fast paced world of software development. I work as a consultant for Bouvet with SharePoint 2007/2010, Silverlight and .NET.


2 Responses to About

  1. DaveN says:

    Did you ever get Silverlight to work with SharePoint user profiles web service and can you share what you did?


    • Frode Hus says:

      The best way is probably to implement your own web service that works with the user profile using the object model.
      What I ended up doing since I couldn’t deploy a custom web service in this particular project was to change the autogenerated classes so that the Value property didn’t return an object but a string instead. Problem with that is that you need two references then, because if you try to write back to the user profile using the same classes, it will fail because it doesn’t recognize the value.
      So basically you’ll have a rather messy implementation where you have one modified service reference for reading and one unmodified for writing.

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