Bring It update

I just submitted a new version of my shipment tracking application for Windows Phone 7 for testing and hopefully it will be available within a day or two. The big new feature is push notification where you’ll get status updates on your shipment (courtesy of my new Azure service that I mentioned in my previous post).

As I don’t have the means to do large scale testing it will be interesting to see how it holds up when users get the update and start using it.


This feature brings with it the possibility to turn on and off push notification (as required by Microsoft) and for every shipment you wish to track you can specify the level of notification you wish to have. This is configured at the edit screen displayed below.


Tile update only specifies that only the number of updates available will be displayed on the tile itself (requires that the application is pinned to the start menu). The rest will send toast notifications.

Also, I added a little graphical update just to freshen up the UI a bit. This is also theme dependant like the rest of the application.



Any feedback would be appreciated Smilefjes


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