Bring It

So, I decided to do a Windows Phone 7 application as a trial run and get the feel of it all instead of just small tests and demos.

It’s called Bring It, named after Bring which is a transportation service here in Norway and the application lets you track your packages, display a barcode for easy pickup at the post office, etc. I originally intended to add this to the Marketplace when it opened up, but I see that Posten has already developed and published their own application for free on the iPhone AppStore and Android Market so I figure they’ll do the same for Windows Phone 7 at one point.

Anyway, with that in mind I figured I’d post this app up for anyone who wants to use it as a sample and perhaps finish it (styling needs work for example).

I’ve added support for themes and globalization (even though the messages that come from the tracking service is in norwegian, so really only the headers and such are globalized), pivot control, it uses a MVVM pattern (still a bit new on that arena, so it might not be a perfect implementation – anyone with tips, please shareSmile ). Oh and it all works by pulling XML down from a public service provided by Posten.

It’s not entirely complete, missing a few features (such as deleting packages and such), but it works. As you can see from the screenshots, I used it to track my new Xbox 360 shipment Winking smile

Here are some mandatory screenshots:

image  imageimage

The fun bit is the ease of which WP7 application development is done. This app (granted, it’s simple, but still) only took a couple of hours to do.
I’d love to add push notification for tracking changes etc, maybe later.




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  1. Jarle says:

    Broken download link?

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