WP7 API disappointment…

So, as I wrote in earlier posts (and resulted in a CodePlex project), it was possible to circumvent WebClient’s lack of support for Windows Authentication by using HttpWebRequest.
While using the latest SDK refresh and developing my SharePoint WP7 app, I found that I could no longer access SharePoint (the connection failed with a NotFound error).

After trying to research this and find yet another workaround, I turned to the WP7 forums and the answer was that Windows Authentication is not supported (which I already knew, but thought I had a workaround for) and that the emulator sometimes might trick you into thinking it works as it uses your desktop as a proxy.

So basically, unless someone figures out something, the previous workaround only worked because the emulator was yanking your chain.

So my work on this is put on hold for the time being, maybe Microsoft will update this functionality when/if they gear WP7 towards the enterprise.

Addendum: If you’re willing to enable Basic authentication on your SharePoint site, that will work by setting the Authorization header yourself. Of course, it’ll all be sent in clear text unless sent over https.


5 Responses to WP7 API disappointment…

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  2. taddeo says:

    Still the same issue with the rtm version…anyone has found a way to fix it?

    • Frode Hus says:

      There is no fix, basically. It’s officially not supported so all we can do is hope for a change in upcoming releases (most likely only when an enterprise market opens up).

  3. Udaykanth says:

    Can any body know us, whther there are any updates for WP7 SDK in the recent past to over come the above specified problem. We are facing the same problem: Unable to access a sharepoint website which is having windows authentication from WP7 browser/HttpWebRequest?

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