How to read webpart properties from the database

This is a brief post explaining how you could go about reading the tp_AllUsersProperties and the tp_PerUserProperties fields in the SharePoint AllWebParts database table.

There are two methods used to serialize this data:

  • Using ObjectStateFormatter
  • Compressed XML

How you determine which of the two is being used is simple: check the two first bytes – if they are 1 and 5, you’re dealing with compressed XML.
These numbers represent major and minor version of the serialization type used (as far as I know).

Dealing with standard binary serialized properties, you can do something like this:

                ObjectStateFormatter formatter = new ObjectStateFormatter();
                MemoryStream inputStream = new MemoryStream(data);
                while ((inputStream.Position < inputStream.Length) && (data[(int)((IntPtr)inputStream.Position)] != 0xff)) {
                return (object[])formatter.Deserialize(inputStream);

Saving this back is just a matter of calling the Serialize(..) method instead and updating the database.
The deserialized object is an array of property names and values. Most of the property names will be integers as SharePoint saves some space by assigning static property names to integer values (such as Description is 2, Title is 4 etc). You can find these static strings in the WebPartNameTable class in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll. 

As far as compressed XML is concerned, you’ll need to implement a XmlReader that handles the compression. The easiest here is to just open up Reflector and take a look at Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and its CompressedXmlReader class.

This is not a 100% verified approach. Using binary serialization is pretty straightforward and works fine when reading and writing to the database, but the compressed XML can be a bit more tricky.
So far, I’ve only made use of the binary serialization when it comes to updating the database as that covered my needs. Re-compressing the XML and serializing that back to the database is not something I’ve looked into yet.


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