User profiles and search in SharePhone

So, version 1.0.3 is out and contains a couple of new features.

User profiles

ClientContext now offers two methods for dealing with user profiles, GetUserProfile and UpdateUserProfile.

Here’s a quick example of their usage:


ctx.GetUserProfile(@"sharepointdev\testuser", (UserProfile profile) => {
    profile.Title = "Test user";
    ctx.UpdateUserProfile(profile, null);

The UserProfile class only contains a couple of quick access properties so far, to access all of them you need to access the Properties property and read your values there. Here’s an example how:

from property in profile.Properties where property.Name == "PreferredName" select property

You can also use a simple utility method when you want to update a property:

profile.UpdateSingleValueProperty("PreferredName", "Santa");

Keep in mind that updating a user profile is subject to access restrictions set by the site administrator (some properties can only be updated by administrator, others by the owner of the profile).


Again, the ClientContext class has been expanded to include some search functionality. This is the built-in SharePoint search (not sure how this will work with FAST in SharePoint 2010).

ctx.SearchProvider.KeywordSearch("Test", (SearchResult result) => {
    int numberOfHits = result.TotalAvailable;
    //access the hits via result.Results

You can also do advanced search via the Search(..) method and the QueryPacket class.

QueryPacket query = new QueryPacket();
query.EnableStemming = true;
query.QueryType = QueryType.MSSQLFT;
query.Query = "select * from Scope() where FREETEXT('test')";
ctx.SearchProvider.Search(query, (SearchResult result) => { });


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