Windows Phone 7 Series

So, finally we get to see the very post-poned Windows Mobile 7 or as it has been renamed: Windows Phone 7 Series. I’ve had a couple of Windows Mobile phones and the OS has had a well deserved bad reputation.

However, from what I’ve seen of the new OS – Love it!
I currently use an iPhone (I’m a sucker for design and such which Windows Mobile up until now just haven’t delivered) but it does look like I’m going back to Microsoft for my next one. Just too bad I have to wait until the end of the year…

They didn’t say anything about Silverlight on this, but if they have any brains they’ll deliver on their promise of having a mobile version of Silverlight. At any rate, it should be a lot nicer to develop for than iPhone (Sorry, but XCode is horrible and so is Object-C. I’m a .NET guy).

The Office apps looked very sleek as well, I love that they have SharePoint sync out of the box:)

So, instead of me listing up features and ranting along, here’s a preview of the tasty-looking Windows Phone 7 Series.


One Response to Windows Phone 7 Series

  1. daniel2980 says:

    It’s a good OS! I’m loving it so far

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